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Welcome to sugarcookieconfections! Our site is live! Feel free to browse our cookie selections or contact us for more information or special orders!  (936)632-2228

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The wind is whispering through the Loblolly pines as our train lets everyone know she's right on time.  The smells of the Grandmothers' cookies fill the air... even the butterflies stop and smell the magic.  Welcome to Confections, my sweet little bakery where southern hospitality and magic drift on the breeze.  We specialize in old-fashioned hand-decorated customized sugar cookies, all sprinkled with the magic of the Grandmothers' love.  We use organic eggs from free range, cage-free chickens as well as 100% pure vanilla and real sweet cream butter to ensure that our cookies taste even more amazing than they look.   You will find a few of our favorite cookies listed, but we are always baking and adding more cookie cutters to our collection.   I promise to always help you bring the joy of freshly baked cookies to your home and the homes of your friends and loved ones.


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